Tourism Commission meets the Third Thursday of each month at 5pm at the Centralia City Hall. 
9 members shall be appointed by the Mayor with consent of Council to serve staggered 4 year terms on a volunteer basis. Initial terms share be determined by the Mayor with consent of the Council. One (1) of the nine members shall be a representative of the Chamber of Commerce. One (1) shall be a representative of the Economic Development organization of the City. One (1) shall be a restaurant owner. One (1) shall be a resident of the City with Tourism interest and experience and Four (4) shall be” at large “community members. One additional member shall be elected from the City Council. The City manager and the Chamber of Commerce director shall be ex-officio members.
Mary Davis - Chair
Councilwoman Barri Allen
Kelsie Smith
Dawn Long
Rachel Wallace
Shannon Cooney
Mike Middleton
Greg Sutton
Tom Walsh
Ex-Officio Members:

W. Kory Smith, City Manager

Marcus Holland- Chamber of Commerce Director

Advisory Staff- Derek Sherman, Economic Development Director