Frequently Asked Questions


 Am I allowed to burn my leaves and other yard waste?

The city does have a burn ordinance. This allows burning of leaves and some yard waste during certain days. You may review the burn ordinance on the Fire Home Page to see which days are burn days and what materials are allowed. Please be safe and curteous to your neighbors.

 Am I allowed to burn my trash?

Not within the city limits. The city does have a burn ordinance for some yard waste. Review it on the Fire Home Page.

 I want to have a recreational fire at my house. Am I allowed?

The city allows recreational fires, with a permit, and a 24 hour notice. The Fire Department home page has a link to the permit page. Please review. And remember to plan ahead with the 24 hour notice.

 Do I have to have a Carbon Monoxide detector in my house?

Yes, As of Jan 2007, the state law requires residential homes to have a Carbon Monoxide detector. You can call the fire station if you are not sure where to put it. You can purchase these at any of the local hardware stores. We reccomend you purchase one that plugs into and outlet and also has a battery. Remember, you cannot taste, feel, smell, touch or otherwise detect Carbon Monoxide. You can have deadly amounts in your house and never know.

Smoke detectors are required by law also.

 I rent my house, do I have to buy a smoke or Carbon Monoxide detector?

Your landlord is required by law to have both a smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector in your house before you occupy it. Please contact your landlord and request both if needed. If your landlord does not provide your detector in a timely manner, please contact the Fire Department at 618-533-7660.

 I cannot afford a smoke detector or a Carbon Monoxide detector. What should I do?

Call us. If you cannot afford a smoke detector we can provide one to you at no charge. Many local business have made donations so that we can give out smoke detectors for free. We do not currently supply Carbon Monoxide detectors.

 I am old or physicaly challenged. I cannot put up a smoke detector. What should I do?

If you can't, we will. If you live within the city limits, we will come to your house and install your detectors. You may also call back when the batteries need changed and we will do that also.

 How often should I change the battery in my smoke detector?

Change your battery twice a year and test it once a month. A good rule of thumb is, if you change your clock (fall and spring) change your battery.

 I think my house has a Carbon Monoxide problem, what should I do?

You should have a detector. If this detector is going off you should call the Fire Department. You can call 911. You should wait outside in fresh air till we arrive. If you have any children make sure they are not left in the house. We will come to your house and check it with our insturments. If there is a problem we may be able to locate the source. Be safe and not sorry.... Call Us.

 I want to make sure my kids know about fire safety and are safe. What should I talk to them about?

Talking to your kids about fire safety is very important. The fire department does go to the city shcools and provide information and education. If you want to review with your children go to our Fire Prevention link on the homepage. A few simple things to talk about are:

                    • How to call 911 and when.
                    • Know your address and phone number.
                    • Special Meeting Places if there is an emergency.
                    • Two ways out of your house in emergency.
                    • Never go back into your house if it is on fire.
                    • Dont play with matches or lighters
                    • Stop Drop and Roll
                    • What you should do if you touch something hot

 I had a small fire in the house. I think I put it out. Should I still call the Fire Department?

YES, call 911. Even if you think you put a fire out, it can still be dangerous. We can also help with getting the smoke out of your house after you had a small fire. We have thermal imagers (to check for hot spots) and several large volume fans. Go ahead and call 911.

 I have a question for a firefighter, it is not an emergency. Can I call the station?

Yes, We are happy to help with any questions you may have. Call 533-7661 or 533-7662 and we will try to help.

 I always wanted to be a firefighter. When are you hiring?

About every two years the Fire Department has a test for hiring new firefighters. It will be posted in the local Sentinal. If the list is exhausted a new test should be conducted and a new list will be made. You can call the Fire Department secretary at 618-533-7660 to find out when the next test will be given.  We had testing for a new list in April of 2010. Our next application and testing process will take place after this list expires in two years.

 My son or daughter loves fire trucks. Can we stop by the station to see the equipment?

Yes, If we have time we will be happy to show your kids around the firestation. Of course if we have work to do, or an emergency situation you may have to come back. If you would like to call ahead and see if it is a good time call 533-7661.