Code Enforcement Officer

Mimi Hawkins

Code Enforcement Officer

City Hall

PO Box 569

101 S Locust Street

Centralia IL  62801

Phone:  (618) 533-7623
Fax:      (618) 532-4534 


The City of Centralia has adopted various property maintenance codes for property within the City Limits and within the 1 1/2 mile zoning jurisdiction around the city limits. These codes are enacted to protect your property from various blighting influences that can cause your property values to decrease, or your standard of living to be affected.

If you have a specific complaint about a property that you feel needs attention. Feel free to report this problem to our Code Enforcement staff. Please be prepared to describe: The property address, what the problem is, and where on the property the problem can be found.

Typical complains involve accumulated trash or debris, large piles of stick or limbs, foul odors or inoperable vehicles. Please contact the following with your concerns, and they will follow up with the appropriate property owner and decide on appropriate action. This may or may not result in a citation.