Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants



Water Treatment Plant               Wastewater Treatment Plant
*Water Plant*                           *Sewer Plant*
2219 Old 51 Road                      28625 W 17th St Rd
Centralia IL 62801                     Centralia IL 62801

This department treats the water and wastewater (sewer) used by our customers.

The State of Illinois is requiring the replacement of all lead service lines per the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (415ILCS5/17.12). Per the Illinois statute, the City is required to create a multi-year approach for replacing all the privately-owned lead service lines in the City. 

In Centralia, the water main is owned by the City. The entire portion of the water service line from the house to where it connects with the water main is owned by the homeowner. The maintenance and repair of that private water service line is the homeowner’s responsibility. Water service line materials used throughout the City include copper, galvanized iron pipe, lead, and plastic. Per Illinois statute, when a lead service is repaired or upgraded, the entirety of the lead service must be replaced.

As a first step, the City has been creating an inventory of suspected lead service lines in Centralia by working with 120water.  This was completed by requesting that customers identify their service line as part of Cross-Connection Survey and by completing a review of historical records to determine material of construction was completed. A lead service line inventory was compiled by the April 15, 2024 deadline and is available below in an attachment. Also a map of the identified lines is provided by using this link. https://pws-ptd.120wateraudit.com/centralia_il

Each of these will be updated over the course of the replacement project as further information is available. A final plan for water line replacement plan must be submitted by April 15, 2027. Depending on the number of lead service lines identified within the system, the city will have approximately 15 years to replace any lead service lines found.

In an effort to expedite the inventory process, the City encourages residents to fill out the Cross Connection Survey and return it to City Hall at your earliest convenience. Cross Connection Survey

For more information about the sources of lead this information has been provided by the EPA. Sources of lead infographic 


The Water Quality Report (CCR) is intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the Centralia water system to provide safe drinking water. The source of drinking water used by Centralia is Surface Water. The below document shows the most current water quality results for Centralia.